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Long Island, NY

Phelps Lane Park in the North Babylon, NY

Phelps Lane Park in North Babylon, NY, is a lively place of respite and recreation. Located on one of the highest spots in Suffolk County, Phelps Lane Park offers stunning views of the Great South Bay and surrounding countryside. During the summer months, the park is the perfect spot to spend a day enjoying the long stretches of open meadow and woodland, while during the winter, the park’s sheltered tree canopy offers a haven for wildlife. West Babylon, NY can be seen here. 

Phelps Lane Park was created in 1971 when the Suffolk County Department of Parks, Recreation, and Conservation acquired the property from the Floyd McMurray family. The park covered 140 acres of a hilly area and was developed to include picnic areas, ball fields, tennis courts, playgrounds, and walking trails. There is even a pond for boating, fishing, and numerous other recreational activities. In addition to providing recreation and natural beauty, Phelps Lane Park is home to the Suffolk County Historical Museum, known for its exhibits on local Native American history and the region’s maritime past. The museum also offers educational programs throughout the year. Phelps Lane Park is an ideal spot to enjoy a leisurely day outdoors. Visitors can take a casual stroll around the grounds, picnic in the meadow, take the kids to the playground, or go for a more vigorous hike on the park’s two miles of trails. The trails are generally level, with some areas becoming more challenging. Click here to read about Babylon Town Hall Park in NY: A Wonderful Place to Visit.